RealWorld Tactical Seminar

X-ercise Science is proud to announce Real World Tactical founder Tony Sentmanat, a Marine Corps veteran and law enforcement Swat Operator, with over 16 years real world experience, will be putting on a seminar/bootcamp this July!

His training program incorporates a lot of unconventional exercises that he has used over the years to stay functional, or what he would call a hybrid. Someone who is a mix of strong, fast, explosive and still has the endurance to maintain these tasks for longer periods of time. Basically he’s a badass, and if you haven’t seen his workout regimens look him up. You’re not going to want to miss this! Limited spots available.

It’s a two day session, Saturday, July 29th & Sunday July 30th from 9:00am – 11:00am, 12:00-2:00pm


More About RealWorld Tactical:

Reality Based Firearms Training and Functional strength and conditioning online programs serving the South Florida area.

RealWorld Tactical is a veteran operated business, that provides urban focused firearms training for the armed responsible citizen, Security Professional, and Law Enforcement or Military Personnel. We also specialize in consulting and product development for the Law Enforcement industry.

Founded by Director of Operations Tony Sentmanat, a Marine Corps veteran and Law Enforcement SWAT Operator, with over 16 years of Real World experience. He brings you the concept of “Survival of Urban Chaos through Armed Tactical Solutions.” A philosophy and teaching concept based on his military and urban operational experience.

At RealWorld Tactical we don’t aim to make great shooters we strive to train the best armed problem solvers. We believe that any body can teach you how to shoot a gun, were here to teach you how to become the fastest thinker trained with a gun.

Our Product development division inspires to create the next revolutionary product for law enforcement training and tactical product industry. We believe in the constant need to innovate with concepts designed using real world experience, so that we can create better options, equipment and training for the patrol officer on the streets, the tactical officer in specialty units and the officers in SWAT operations. So we will continue on this path, to better the lives of those protecting our families and neighborhoods.

Spots are limited. Reserve yours here!

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RealWorld Tactical